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Hak Cipt a pada Depart emen Pendidikan Nasional Dilindungi Undang-undang Hak Cipta Buku ini dibeli oleh Departemen Pendidikan Nasional dari Penerbit. Oodles has Free English classics and English audiobooks. Oodles is an easy to use application to read or listen to english classics or hindi books and stories. Bahasa Inggris-Studi dan Pengajaran I. Judul II. Jahur, Masduki B. III. , telah membeli hak cipta buku teks pelajaran ini dari penulis/penerbit untuk.

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Ebook Gratis Percakapan Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Percakapan / Dialog Bahasa Inggris dari Text + Audio. Semoga Bermanfaat untuk Semuanya. Buku Pelajaran SMA Kelas 10 - Bahasa Inggris Jilid 1. Diunggah oleh Valentino Activity 2 Listen to the following short dialog and answer the. questions. compgarbullkunsbar.ml Ngomong-ngomong apa kamu membawa buku fisika ku? Janet: Ups, Im sorry, I forgot to bring it. Duuh .. Ini ada 2 botol air mineral gratis per hari. Sikat gigi dan pasta.

Rabu, November 9 Conversation Artikel percakapan Bahasa Inggris ini bisa membantu kita dalam kemampuan speaking dan listening. Sedang file Audi MP3 nya bisa dilihat di akhir dialog atau di akhir posting ini. Untuk menjalankan player percakapan Bahasa Inggris ini, nanti silahkan klik link di bawah dialog di bawah ini. Li: And I'm Li. Neil, is that a new watch? Neil: Yes I got it from my parents. Li: Oh that's nice. Neil: Did I tell you I'm going on holiday soon? Li: No, where? Neil: To Hawaii. Li: Wow, how can you afford a holiday to Hawaii? Neil: My in-laws paid for it. We told them it was too expensive but, you know, we just need a holiday. Li: Hmm… so your in-laws have paid for your holiday too… Neil: I'm thinking of giving up work actually, Li.

Memiliki kemampuan bahasa inggris membuat kamu bisa mendapat kesempatan yang lebih dibanding orang yang tidak memiliki kemampuan bahasa inggris. Begitu juga sebaliknya, jika kamu tidak memiliki kemampuan bahasa inggris yang bagus, siap-siap saja kamu tertinggal dari saingan mu yang sudah mempersiapkan diri dengan kemampuan bahasa inggris nya Kamu mau coba kursus bahasa inggris online, agar bisa langsung belajar dari pengajar yang profesional, tanpa harus harus kursus langsung yang mengharuskan hadir dikelas dan biayanya yang relatif mahal Kamu bisa menghubungi tutor Mr.

Maula langsung WA chat — bukan video atau rekaman suara — dengan format yang sudah diberikan 2. Tugas-tugas yang sudah dikerjakan akan diperiksa mentor, dan diberi komentar dan koreksi. Dan bisa di konsultasikan ke mentor melalui chat wa 3. I hope you have a nice holiday here. Bro: Thank you. Sis : Ohh…. Hi Bro. I am collecting the stamps for my collection.

Bro : What do you mean? Sis : Yes, actually my hobby is collecting stamps. Bro : Why do you like collecting stamps? Sis : Because I like to see the unique pictures of the stamps. How about you, what is your hobby? Should we have a hobby? Sis : Not really. But in our lives we must have something we like most which is called hobby.

Bro : So, hobby is a pleasure. Then, I think I have a hobby now. Sis : Of course, so what is your hobby? Bro : I like to read comics especially detective Conan. Sis : That is your hobby.

Reading comic.

Bro : Yes, I do. I even go to the black market because the original comics have not yet been published. How about your stamps collection? Sis : So far I have collected stamps from some countries but I still should find other stamps. Bro : Do you need much money for your hobby? Sis : Yes of course I need much money because I order the stamps so it costs little bit expensive.

Bro : Wow…. Your hobby is expensive. Sis : Yeah but I like to do it. Bro : Okay good luck with your hobby. Sis : Thank you.

Your cell-phone is always off. What do you do after school? Bro : I work as a part-timer in a Japanese restaurant. Sis : What time do you finish work? Bro : I finish work at 6 in the evening, but I sometimes work until 9. Bro : Oh yes, I sometimes relax with friends in the restaurant kitchen, but it is when Miss Yamagata is not around. Sis : Who is Miss Yamagata? Bro : I hardly ever go strait home after work. I have another job. Sis : Oh, really? You are so busy. What do you do when you finish work at the restaurant?

I go there three times a week. Sis : Hmm? Bro : If we start at 7, we finish at 9. Do you have cat at home? Last time I had, but now no. I have one male cat.

The hair is yellow and white.

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I like him very much. I often play with him. Do you make a special house for him? Where does he sleep? More often outside the house. But, if it rains, in the living room.

What do you usually feed him? He likes salted fish.

Sometimes I download special cat food for him. Maybe later, if she has changed her mind. Thank you for your advice. Do you often read newspaper? My mother sometimes brings it from her working place. What do you like to read most? I like news most, especially news about other country. Someday I want to go overseas.

You should be able to speak English if you want to go overseas. Yes, I will learn it from now. Is there also English lesson in the newspaper?

Yes, but very little. Oh ya, what paper do you often read? Pos Kota paper. Do you also like to read newspaper?

My mother never brings it for me. One day I will bring it for you. Hi, I am Bro. Hi Bro, I am Sis. Where are you from Bro? I am from Indonesia. What about you? I am from Singapore. I really love the food of Singapore.

I am a manager of a Hotel. What do you do for a living in Indonesia? I am a doctor and now work as a director in a hospital. Actually, how old are you? I am thirty-two years old. You are young and smart. I was thirty-five when director took me as a manager. I am a graduate of Gajah Mada University especially for medical school. I am graduate of University of Singapore. Do you have a hobby? Yes of course. I like surfing. Indonesia has may spot of surfing. One of them is Bali. I got it. I have surfed there for twice and I love Kuta.

Great, but sometime I want you to know Lampung. There are a nice spot for surfing like in Bali. This is a new place that so different.

I am interested to try. I can accompany you to go there next week. Because my family and I are going to Lampung. I am quite happy about that. May I ask your phone number? This is my phone number I will call you. Very nice to meet you and see you next week in the airport. Yaph, nice to meet you too. Good night. Table for two? Smoking or non-smoking? Right this way. Bro and Sis are guided to a table that special used for non smoking visitors.

I will be back for several minutes for taking your order. After 5 minutes, the waiter comes back and asks for an order. Hmm, it has been 5 minutes. Are you ready to order? Before take an order. I wanna ask you something. What is Succotash? It is a food dish consisting lima beans and corn. How about Beef Stroganoff? It is a beef cut for only small pieces and served with a sour cream and a white wine sauce.

Essential English-Indonesian Words Dictionary eBook: Nam Nguyen: compgarbullkunsbar.ml: Kindle Store

I am interested with the second choice. It sounds good. Beef Stroganoff is a great choice for you. That comes with French fries, fried mushrooms, or rice? I will have French fries. What do you want to start? And what can I get for you a beautiful lady? Do you have a recommendation for a small portion? Small portion? Do you like the Chicken with Mushrooms? Good choice. And the drink? I will have a coke for drink. Excuse me, Madam. I am one of the students that chosen for being a representative of our school in a Mathematics competition.

That will be held next week in University of Indonesia, Jakarta. I would like to join with my team to discuss some important materials for the competition. May I leave the class earlier today? You have got a permission from the principal? Yes, because my team and I had asked directly to the principal yesterday and he permitted us.

You are welcome. Hi George. Have you done a preparation for the final exam? Just a little. Because in my mind there are so many plans for holiday. Any plans for this summer? I am going to go to Indonesia. Visit Bali and try to go to Kalimantan island. That sounds good. What will you do there? Surfing in Bali, travelling in rain forests, and visiting a traditional house in Kalimantan. Already have a nice plan? My parents are quite busy because of business.

You can go with us if you want. Of course I want. Your problem is solved right?

5 Tips Belajar Bahasa Asing secara Daring

Thank you George. You are welcome Evan. I would like a room, please. Have a reservation? How many nights? Or a week? A week please. Just for you? Do you want dinner and breakfast? Yes both of those. Pay now or check? Ok, please fill this form and sign here. This is your key. Your room is on the second floor precisely in room The bell boy will guide you. Hello, Metro Computer here. Can I get Mr. Henri for a several minutes, please?

Please hold your phone on and I will see whether he comes or not today. Hello, Mr. Henri is on the way and he will arrive here about ten minutes later. May I know your name sir?

Do you have a message for him? No thanks. I just wanna call again at the afternoon. I will tell Mr. Henri that his younger brother named Alan called and will call again at the afternoon. May I hang the phone up? Hi Sheila, long time no see you. What are you doing here? I am working, as a tour guide for many tourists here. Tour guide? Yes, I just feel bored to be a teacher and wanna try a new job. What do you do for a living right now?

A year after we met, I got a promotion to be a manager. I knew that you work so hard and try to be the best every day. May I go for several minutes for guiding those tourists. It seems that I have been late. Ok, no problem. Great to meet you here. So do I. I will call you later. Do you have a car? What kind of car do you have? I have a Honda. Is it new?

It was new in Yes, it is. But it still looks good. Do you take good care of it? Oh, yes.

I wash it once a week. Do you change the oil? My mechanic changes the oil twice a year. Hi Sophia. Are you going to take a vacation at the end of this month? But do you think you could postpone it until next month? Alan, too, will be on leave at the end of this month.

In that case, I guess I can put it off until next month.

Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Bersama Mr. Maula Nikma Basic sampai Intermediet

That would be great. Thank you very much. Can I help you at all? Have you got the latest models? Sales assistant: Of course, we have.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Sehari

Are you keen on a particular brand? Any brand will do. I just need an affordable cell-phone with a nice camera. My son is quite fond of taking photos. I will show you a Samsung model. The sales assistant pulls out a Samsung cellphone from the shelf and shows it to the customer.

Please have a look at this model. It has a great camera and a nice screen. Well, what about the price? I will download it then. Do you want anything else, Sir? Sumber [copas]: Twitter Facebook. Sukai ini: Suka Memuat Pos ini dipublikasikan di Catatan dan tag Bahasa Inggris , Percakapan. Tandai permalink.

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