Category changes necessary to verify that your item is located in the appropriate updated category. However, you can still find the category numbers from the page in the link above. You have to either open each of the subcategory links, and look at the URL. I used to access these lists of category numbers easily but now links take me to just a list of categories and no way I can see to get their numbers.

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    Ebay Category Numbers

    A complete list of site category numbers by site can be found below to help you save time and avoid the cost and complexity of pulling them. A searchable database of site Category Numbers. You really only need the site Category Numbers if you are listing through a spreadsheet. If you are listing manually through our user interface.

    Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other site community members who share your passions. I need this dta to input into my lister program. Thanks in advance for any help. But that may be a bit of a programming job. If you are only using some specific categories, you can start with the category list from the main page. Click a main category until you see a standard search result with a detailed category list displayed on the left along with all its subcategories. Open all closed categories to display the subcategories. Then you can hover your cursor over each item to see the category number displayed in the bottom status bar of the browser or you can follow the link to see the category displayed in the browser address bar. Or you can right-click-copy the link to the list you are creating and manipulate the list later. You will have to differentiate between branch numbers and leaf numbers because you can only list an item using a leaf number a category that has no more children. Skip to main content.

    What terms might they use to describe your product? What site categories might they search for? Be proactive about finding the right terms and categories for your products can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic and sales your products generate.

    The item should have a large enough set of labels to be found easily yet small enough to be as accurate as possible. Consider taking these actions to take when listing something: 1. Create a Survey One of the best tools for finding out how your customers search is to ask them yourself. Inquire about how they might look for a specific item and which category makes the most sense to them. Even a small group of people who take the time to answer these sorts of questions will help.

    Of course, larger survey sizes are always better, so you could even offer a discount of other incentive for people who take the survey.

    Unless someone is freely browsing online, they usually have a set of one to three words in their mind that they are actively searching for. Even if two consecutive products are identical and have the same image, the customer is much more likely to click on the item listed under the term that they were looking for.

    These Were 2018’s Top Selling Product Categories at Amazon and eBay

    Keep it Simple There is a definite advantage to standing out from the crowd as a retailer. That being said, less is more with online sales. Including these sorts of terms in your product titles and description could turn a customer away from your listed item.

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    Even with the perfect set of category labels and title terms, your product will be just one in a list of other nearly identical ones on the search results page. You can set different shipping methods up to 5. For each method to be active and visible on the marketplace, check the Shipping 2, 3, etc. In the example shown in the image, we have set up shipments made with Other 24h Courier, at a price of 9.

    A window will open where you can access national and international rules and settings can be changed. Furthermore it is NOT possible to insert two rules that have the same set of inclusions: the first one always prevails.

    eBay Category Tool

    The two conditions above make it impossible to diversify shipping to countries that are NOT listed among the inclusions. This is why it is NOT possible to diversify them.

    It is instead possible to diversify those for Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy because you can find these countries in inclusions. Specific settings To manage shipments by Category, by price or weight ranges, use the box at the bottom of the window.

    Easy eBay Categories

    Click Add to create a new rule. Set the conditions, and then click the button : a window will open where to set the the shipment changes. For each product in the price list the first rule that matches the criteria will be applied to change the order of the rules, drag them up or down. In the example, all products that weigh from 5 kg to 10 kg, will be shipped by Other 24H Courier for Specific settings To manage payment methods for Categories, for Price or Weight ranges, use the box at the bottom of the window.

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