The novel includes a cast of raucously funny and memorable characters, including Holly's best PS, I LOVE YOU is a warm, witty, heartfelt and romantic. Holly couldn't live without her husband Gerry, until the day she had to. They were the kind of young couple who could finish each other's sentences. When Gerry. PS, I Love You is Irish writer Cecelia Ahern's first novel, published in The book reached . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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    P.S. I Love You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A novel about holding on, letting go, and learning to love again. P. S. I Love You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When her father left after the divorce, Mariah lost her sense of. If you couldn't download the pdf file that had the first two chapters of the book, you can read it in this post, after the synopsis. Title: PS, I Love.

    This preview shows page 1 - 7 out of pages. Subscribe to view the full document. Thank you, Marianne Gunn O'Connor. Thank you to my Hyperion editor, Peternelle van Arsdale. All rights reserved.

    They thought the migraine was due to stress or tiredness, and agreed that at the very worst he might need glasses. Gerry had been upset that he might need glasses. It was the tumour growing inside his brain. Holly flushed the toilet and, shivering from the coldness of the tiled floor, she shakily steadied herself to her feet.

    He was thirty years old. By no means was he the healthiest man on the earth, but he was healthy enough to. Should have taken drugs, should have drunk more, should have travelled more, should have jumped out of aeroplanes while waxing his legs.

    PS I Love You Sonny Stitt.pdf

    Even as he laughed about it Holly could see the regret in his eyes. Did he regret the life he had had with her?

    Holly never doubted that he loved her, but feared he felt he had wasted precious time. Growing older became something he wanted desperately to accomplish rather than merely a dreaded inevitability. How presumptuous they both were never to consider growing old as an achievement and a challenge. Ageing was something they wanted so much to avoid. Holly drifted from room to room while she sobbed fat, salty tears. Her eyes were red and sore, and there seemed to be no end to this night.

    None of the rooms in the house provided her with any solace, just unwelcoming silences as she stared around at the furniture. She longed for the couch to hold out its arms to her but even it ignored her. Gerry would not be happy with this, she thought. She took a deep breath, dried her eyes and tried to shake some sense into herself. No, Gerry would not be pleased at all. Just as she had every other night for the past few weeks, she had fallen into fitful sleep in the early hours of the morning.

    Each day she woke to find herself sprawled uncomfortably across some piece of furniture — today it was the couch. Once again it was the phone call from a concerned friend or family member that roused her. They probably thought that all she did was sleep. Where were their phone calls when she listlessly roamed the house like a zombie, searching the rooms for.

    What was she expecting to find? Her voice was hoarse from all the tears but she had long stopped caring about maintaining a brave face. Her best friend was gone and nobody understood that no amount of make-up, fresh air or shopping was going to fill the hole in her heart.

    Every morning her mother called to see if she had survived the night alone, always afraid of waking her, yet always relieved to hear her speak; safe in the knowledge her daughter had braved the ghosts of the night. Everything should be normal. Gerry should be here beside her, rolling his eyes up to heaven and trying to make her laugh while her mother yapped on.

    So many times Holly would have to hand the phone over to Gerry as her fit of giggles took over. Then he would chat away, ignoring Holly as she jumped around the bed, pulling her silliest faces and doing her funniest dances just to get back at him. It seldom worked. It would do you the world of good to go out for a walk. Get some fresh air. That envelope is still here for you — you know, the one I told you about. You might want to collect it. He danced around the room performing a striptease, slowly unbuttoning his white cotton shirt with his long slender fingers.

    He raised his left eyebrow towards Holly and allowed the shirt to slide from his shoulders, caught it in his right hand and swung it around over his head. Holly giggled again.

    PS, I Love You - PDF Free Download

    What, and miss all this? His body was strong and perfectly toned. His long legs were muscular from hours spent working out in the gym.

    At almost six foot he was tall enough to make Holly feel safe when he stood protectively beside her five foot five. Most of all she loved that when she hugged him her head would rest neatly just below his chin, where she could feel his breath lightly blowing her hair and tickling her head. Her heart leaped as he lowered his boxers, caught them on the tip of his toes and flung them at her where they landed on her head.

    Usually we just call each other with our name real name, I mean. Or using missy-boy in a casual argument. And lady-sir if we wanted to tease each other. But he had this habit to call me with petnames when he was mad at me.

    He'd call me cutie pie, honeydew, love, well you know I asked his reason once, and he said: I know that's cheesy The sweeter he called me means the more annoyed he was. So on the 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the maddest , "babe" was on number 5.

    Usually when I know he's on the 5th scale and up, I'm gonna back off and calm him down.

    PS, I Love You

    But that night, I was really pissed too. So I replied him still with an annoyed tone: Kata dia tunggu bentar. Dia masih siap-siap. Sabar yaaa So actually that time I knew that he was really really mad with me. Usually, "cinta" is a sign for me to seriously back off and calm down. But still, I didn't wanna do it that night.

    Tar gw telpon kalo Wiwid udah siap jalan. Again, that day I wasn't in the mood to say it back and just answer him with: Cepetan ya. Gw tunggu. She told me about an accident that involved him and now they were on their way to hospital. When I got to hospital, he was already unconscious.

    He never wakes up again. Turns out, the "love-you" was his last words to me and "yeah-whatever-cepetan-ya-Gw-tunggu" was my last response to him.

    Bad, eh? It's been almost 4 years since that. There are many things that I've learned and could accept with now. I have learned that being punctual is good, but being a very very very punctual person is a pain in the ass.

    I could deal with the pain of losing him and have the dreamless sleep now. I don't ask the universe anymore why 20 years long of relationship had to ended so abruptly like that. I just accept it as the-way-it-should-be. I could forgive the destiny for taking away someone who has a very bright future ahead in such a young age.

    I believe that this is the best for him and for everyone around him Actually I still can't see why, but I just wanna believe that coz God always makes the best plan for His people. I still regret my last words to him.

    I still can't truly forgive myself for ended our conversation after a heated argument like that. At least with my Dad, things were good between us. And for me, this fact still hard to deal with.

    I envy Holly. I'm not saying that Holly's situation is easier or better than mine. There's no use in making comparison here. She lost her man gradually and I lost him so abruptly, blah I envy him cause she has times to bide her loved ones a proper goodbye. I also envy her because even 1 year after he left, she still got his letters that showing her how much he loves her. I know it's lame, but sometimes back in the past when I sort his things off, I wished that I got his letters or even note or anything that I could consider as his-goodbye yeah I know I've watched too many lame movies.

    Or at least a note which tells me that he knows though I was pissed at him on our last conversation but I still love him. Because Holly made sure that Gerry knew she loves him when he left this world. The one thing that I didn't do. Hey you, up there I hope you could read this. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what.

    They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we're gone. All in all, for me this is a good book. Unrealistic actually about that moving on things the justyear-time-span which made it kinda unrealistic , but still it's a good read. Through Holly's journey and Gerry's letter, I got some lessons about healing. On the other hand, she was a women with a million happy memories, who knew what it was like to experience true love and who was ready to experience more life, more love and make new memories.

    Whether it happened in ten months or ten years, Holly would obey Gerry's final message. Whatever lay ahead, she knew she would open her heart and follow where it led. In the meantime, she would just live. I could also proudly said that once in my life I knew what true love was. And I also knew that whatever lay ahead, I'd open my heart and follow where it led.

    But for now, while waiting that to happen, I'll just live. Thank you Ahern, for made me realize that a happy ending has many kind of shades.

    View all 19 comments. View all 3 comments. Chick-Lit Readers. After being obsessed with the movie for months, I decided to take the plunge and read the book. And I can tell you that the book was equally as satisfying but completely different to the Gerard Butler perv-fest that I so dearly love. There were so many changes made to translate this book to film. I won't go into them all here now because I wouldn't want to ruin it but let's just say they were significant.

    From love interests to careers, everything was different. And for that reason, I th After being obsessed with the movie for months, I decided to take the plunge and read the book. And for that reason, I think I probably did it the right way round watching the movie first and reading the book second. I'm giving it 4 stars for because Cecilia Ahern is just so easy to read. It requires no effort to get into a rhythm and it's the perfect little book to pick up when you're in between epics.

    She tackles grief without making you feel life is pointless. There is always hope. And I think that's what Gerry gives Holly in her first year without him - hope for a new life.

    I'd say this little story gave me a similar feel-good feeling to The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. It didn't matter that it was tragic, it still managed to really touch me. Really it was beautiful. Read this novel if: You're looking for something inbetween other books and don't want to have to work too hard to enjoy the characters.

    Don't read this novel if: You think you could feel disconcerted or upset by the intense, overwhelming grief Holly is struggling to come to terms with. Dec 07, Jillian rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. Beautiful story and very well written. It made me cry a few times and also appreciate things in my life He works away from home and at times I am so lonely without him. So I could feel Holly's pain and lonliness. This year is our first Christmas apart and I've been rather blue lately.

    A few chapters in the book were hard to read and I had to put it down for a while and watch TV instead. Thankfully though I know he is coming home I loved this book. Thankfully though I know he is coming home unlike Holly's husband. This book has also been made into a movie. I read the sypnosis of the film and decided I'm not going to see it. They changed the story and characters around They change how she gets the letters and leave out what I think are important characters.

    I hate it when they do that to movies made from books. So before seeing the movie I advice reading the book. Sep 02, Leigh rated it did not like it. I tried reading this once before, a few years ago now. I put it down about a quarter of the way in because, frankly, I was bored. I saw the movie several months ago and actually found it a lovely mix of sweet and sad.

    I thought maybe I'd missed something in the book and not only that, but I've become well acquainted with this kind of loss in the time that has passed. Thinking that my new perspective might change my mind, I decided that at some point I'd give it another go. Well this week I gave I tried reading this once before, a few years ago now. Well this week I gave it another go and I can tell you that I only got about 20 pages further than last time.

    Now I find the book not just boring, but immature. This book is Ahern's supposition of what it must be like to lose your significant other at a young age. She clearly has no experience with loss, even of a friend or close relative. There is no real grief, or heart, in this book, nor are the characters' actions very realistic. Yes, grief is unique to both the circumstance and the person feeling it - but there are so many moments in here that are simply unbelievable.

    Some authors have the talent to write what they don't know. Ahern isn't one of them. My advice: If you want to read about grief and lost loves, go read The Year of Magical Thinking instead.

    Random friend. The world and its mother loved this book. I didn't. I couldn't. I don't think there was anything wrong with the book per se, except that it was too long, but somehow, nothing about the book stuck with me. Oh, and by too long I mean it was too long for the story, not as a book in general. Everything was too forced, too predictable; I mean, the blurb screams "I'm different", yet the story remains the same. Then again, this is probably just another case of "it's not you, it's me.

    Ahern is quite a talented writer, and she really isn't a bad story teller. It's just that there is no story in this one. I get that I'm with the unpopular opinion here, but as I've previously mentioned, very few romance novels impress me, and this one just didn't cut it.

    I know I may come across as a heartless bitch when I say that, but it is what it is. Actually, I think one of the reasons I couldn't bring myself to like the book was that I couldn't sympathise with Holly. Pity her, I did, but I couldn't feel what she was feeling. And so another one bites bit the dust. View all 11 comments. Reto Book Challenge: Very Funny.

    Cecelia Ahern's debut novel, PS, I Love You, follows the engaging, witty, and occasionally sappy reawakening of Holly, a young Irish widow who must put her life back together after she loses her husband Gerry to a brain tumor. Ahern, the twentysomething daughter of Ireland's prime minister, has discovered a clever and original twist to the Moving On After Death concept made famous by novelists and screenwriters alike--Gerry has left Holly a series of letters designed to help her face the year ah Cecelia Ahern's debut novel, PS, I Love You, follows the engaging, witty, and occasionally sappy reawakening of Holly, a young Irish widow who must put her life back together after she loses her husband Gerry to a brain tumor.

    Ahern, the twentysomething daughter of Ireland's prime minister, has discovered a clever and original twist to the Moving On After Death concept made famous by novelists and screenwriters alike--Gerry has left Holly a series of letters designed to help her face the year ahead and carry on with her life.

    As the novel takes readers through the seasons and through Gerry's monthly directives , we watch as Holly finds a new job, takes a holiday to Spain with her girlfriends, and sorts through her beloved husband's belongings.

    Accompanying Holly throughout the healing process is a cast of friends and family members who add as much to the novel's success as Holly's own tale of survival. In fact, it is these supporting character's mini-dramas that make PS, I Love You more than just another superficial tearjerker with the obligatory episode at a karaoke bar. Ahern shows real talent for capturing the essence of an interaction between friends and foes alike; even if Holly's circle of friends does resemble the gang from Bridget Jones a bit too neatly to ignore her best friend is even called Sharon.

    While her style can be at times repetitive and her delivery is occasionally amateurish, Ahern deserves credit for a spirited first effort. If PS, I Love You is any indication of this author's talent, readers have much to look forward to as Ahern matures as a novelist and a storyteller.

    View 1 comment. Again I liked the movie more than the book. I feel like a mean person saying it for a newly widowed woman, but Holly is an insufferable little shit and I hate her. May 23, Erika rated it really liked it. Ho iniziato questo libro con delle aspettative molto alte che non sono state per niente deluse! Holly e Gerry sono anime gemelle, praticamente inseparabili.

    Gerry, infatti, muore a causa di un cancro terminale al cervello ed Holly, vedova a soli 29 anni, non sa cosa fare per rimettere insieme i pezzi.

    Que Ho iniziato questo libro con delle aspettative molto alte che non sono state per niente deluse! Ricco, scorrevole e mai pesante.

    Penso che abbia inquadrato perfettamente i personaggi, la storia e gli stati d'animo e che abbia offerto a noi lettori un ritratto molto realistico del dolore, della perdita e del conseguente, ma estremamente difficile, recupero.

    Di lei ammiro la tenacia con cui affronta le cose e il suo adorabile senso dell'umorismo. Mi hanno commosso davvero molto. And they'll be sure-fire hits!! I've been teaching adolescent girls for long enough to know that most of them will welcome Sweet Dreams like the wave of the fairy godmother's wand.

    Reality of many teenagers is whether or not you are attractive to the opposite sex and in demand: whether you present yourself in the right make-up, hair colour, clothes, etc.

    It is light years away from the reproductive system of a rabbit, or the tonal effects achieved by Van Goth in 'Sunflowers'. Whatever we purveyors of Lit-Crit might suppose these books reflect to young girls what life is really about Anyway, who is dating whom into he circus of school relationships far outweighs the subtle nuances of invective in the decidedly pre-historic scandal-mongering of Lady Sneerwell and Mrs Candour.

    Look on the bright side. English Teachers.

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